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Zenodeo Query Help

Zenodeo is a REST API for treatments and related data. That means, all queries are performed via HTTP Requests, and the query result is returned as a JSON Response. Below is the anatomy of an HTTP Request:

                           |________| |____________________________|->
                                |                     |
                             resource            query string

A few notes about the URL:

Zenodeo Query Language (ZQL)

The Zenodeo Query Language is a simple key=value syntax usable in the browser query string.

The key is usually a column in the database, but it could be a "concept", for example, geolocation, which gets converted into columns when quering the database on the server. The key is case-sensitive.

The value is a ZQL operator followed by the query term in parentheses. The ZQL operator itself is case-sensitive, but the query term inside the parens may or may not be case-sensitive. For example, when searching for a text string using eq (authorityName=eq(Agosti)), the case matters as an exact match is performed. But, other text operators are case-insensitive.

Below are examples of the currently supported queries (the text within "<" and ">" are replaced with the correct value):

<text field>=eq|ne|starts_with|ends_with|contains(<term>)

The following two are equivalent

<date field>=since|until(<date>)

<date field>=between(<from-date> and <to-date>)

geographic queries